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Current Sermon: Pentecost



May 3rd

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Worship Bulletin

May 17th

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Worship Bulletin

May 21st


Worship Bulletin

May 24th

Seventh Sunday of Easter

Worship Bulletin

May 31st


Worship Bulletin


April 19th

Second Sunday of Easter

Worship Bulletin

April 26th

Third Sunday of Easter

Worship Bulletin

April 5th

Undefeated because our King has come!

Worship Bulletin

April 9th

Maunday Thursday

Worship Bulletin

April 10th

Good Friday

Worship Bulletin

April 12th

Easter Sunday

Worship Bulletin


March 1st

Undefeated By The Devil

March 8th

The Lord Said…

March 15th

Seeing Is Believing

March 22nd

Marvel At A Father’s Love

Worship Bulletin

March 29th

Undefeated By Death

Worship Bulletin

March 18th

Reconnaissance Report

Worship Folder

March 25th

The Warrior Faces Satan’s Ally

Worship Bulletin

April 1st

The Warrior Rejected By Many

Worship Bulletin


February 2nd

Consider This

February 9th

Let Your Light Shine… On Jesus!

February 26th

The Promised Warrior


January 5th

Epiphany Is Exciting!

January 12th

Here Is My Servant

January 19th

The Servant Of The Lord Is On A Mission

January 26th


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