Our Schools

Christ-St. John’s School

Our school is a place where children can work and live in the presence of God, and under the influence of His Word during every hour of their school day.  By this influence and with the Holy Spirit’s help, the children will learn to live a life that is God-pleasing and governed by the Word of God.  Since they study all subjects in the light of God’s Word, the children learn to know their Creator, their Savior from sin, their Sanctifier, and the kind of life they are expected to live while under the power and influence of God.  In this way, children are prepared not only for this life and for this world, but especially for the life and world to come as God has prepared it for them.

We are a Pre-Kindergarten-8th grade school affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).


Luther High

Luther High School continues your child’s christian education from their freshman through senior years.  Luther is located in Onalaska, Wisconsin at 1501 Wilson Street.